Candidate Advisory


Unauthorized individuals claiming to be Citrix Systems, Inc. (Citrix) employees are extending false employment offers to steal money and personal information from job seekers. These scams use legitimate job boards and social media platforms and may use an unauthorized Citrix logo, employee name, and title. The perpetrators may require an initial investment, such as a payment for work visa, or may send a check that allows them to gain access to the job seeker’s account after the check is deposited.

Citrix takes this matter seriously. By raising awareness, we hope to prevent job seekers falling victim to these scams. Do not engage if you believe a communication is fraudulent.

Citrix will never request money or credit card information from an applicant to secure a job as an employee or a contractor. Citrix also does not require individuals to release personal data—such as an address, social security number, tax documents, or banking information—early in the interview process. Beware of schemes that require the job seeker to create an online account, potentially to collect personal information using a counterfeit website.

Citrix representatives communicate and transmit job offers using email addresses that end with Citrix does not conduct job interviews through texting or platforms such as Google Hangouts and typically conducts a formal job interview prior to extending an offer. Job offers from free webmail accounts—such as,, or—likely are not legitimate. Candidates can reach our representatives at a Citrix office via a published telephone number.

To check the legitimacy of a job, visit
To report a suspicious job ad or email, contact and include as much detail as possible (e.g., job board where the false ad was placed, documentation that will assist us in the investigation)
If you believe you have been a victim of a crime, contact the local authorities or the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at
For more information on job scams, view the Federal Trade Commission website.