Citrix responds to COVID-19

​​​​​Throughout the pandemic, Citrix has been grateful to be a leader in remote work and business continuity so we could support our communities and employees. 
Secure, remote work has always been a core value proposition Citrix provides to customers, as we provide our solutions to a number of frontline industries – like hospitals, labs, federal and local government agencies, and the food supply chain.

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Preparing for your Virtual Interview

Looking for tips on how to have a smooth virtual interview at your home? We've compiled our best practices so you can prepare for your interview.

Virtual Interview Tips

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you still hiring? Should I apply now, or postpone my application?

Apply now! We are actively hiring across the globe. It is business as usual for Citrix. As a leader in remote work and business continuity, we are prepared to assist our communities through COVID-19.


Is now a good time to join Citrix?

During these unprecedented times, Citrix is grateful to be a leader in remote work and business continuity so we can support our communities and employees. We’ve been helping our customers and partners around the world for the past 30 years in managing their businesses through a variety of disruptions, including a whole host of natural and man-made disasters. ​​​​​Now is an even better time to join Citrix than ever. It's business as usual for us in "The New Normal" of remote work.


I have a virtual interview scheduled, how should I prepare?

Visit our Virtual Interview Page to learn about our best practices for virtual interviews.


What are Citrix's Covid-19 vaccination policies?

For candidates located in the United States: U.S. President Biden released an Executive Order stating that federal contractors must require COVID-19 vaccinations for all U.S. employees. As a company that works with the U.S. government on federal contracts, we have a legal requirement to comply with the Executive Order, if it is enforced. If you are located in the United States, to be considered for a career opportunity, if the Executive Order is enforced, you must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or receive have an approved medical or religious accommodation. This applies to U.S. employees whether they work at a Citrix office or from home or another remote location.

For candidates located outside of the United States: We are requiring personnel entering a Citrix office, traveling for business or attending a Citrix event to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. If you choose to remain unvaccinated based on a specific medical need or a sincerely held religious belief and need to access our offices, Citrix will work with you to provide you with reasonable accommodation where possible. As a company that works on United States federal contracts, we will comply with U.S. Executive Orders affecting federal contractors and are monitoring the vaccination mandates and challenges to them.


Are any offices open? Do we wear masks?

Our offices have re-opened in many parts of the world. For the safety of all employees, we require employees to wear masks if they are working in our offices, and to follow social distancing protocol. 


I have accepted a job offer, how will my onboarding work?

We have transitioned to a 100% remote onboarding experience, your Onboarding Coordinator will provide you with the details before your start date.