Preparing for your virtual interview

Interviews are a great opportunity to learn more about the job, meet members of the hiring team, and to discover if the job aligns with your career aspirations.

You can login to your virtual interview from any location where you feel most comfortable! Follow all best practices on this page for a smooth virtual interview. 

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Virtual interview tips and best practices

The interview is an opportunity to learn more about Cloud Software Group, even in a virtual format. We encourage you to find out if the team and culture align with your preferences for your next great career move.


Here are a few interview tips to consider:

  • Before your interview, check out the About and How We Hire pages to learn more about what it’s like to work at Cloud Software Group.
  • Take time to study the job description. Match each requirement to your previous experience and interests.
  • Know your strengths, areas of opportunity, and accomplishments that align with the position.
  • Have specific and relevant examples of your work history ready to share. Prepare an elevator pitch to tell us about your career arc and trajectory.
  • Be able to succinctly share accomplishments you’re proud of. Be sure to focus on measurable outcomes – the data that shows your success.
  • Prepare thoughtful and relevant questions for the interviewers. This is a great opportunity to learn more and have the hiring team picture you in the role – plus it shows your strong interest in the position.
  • As the interview time approaches, find a quiet area and check your internet connection, audio, and microphone. Download any interviewing software you will need in advance.
  • For the best lighting, sit facing a window or lamp with the light in front of your face. Not behind you.
  • Stay cool, calm, and confident. You’ve got this.

Interview Preparation


Set up your technology for teleconferencing


If your interview is confirmed to be on HackerRank:

Follow HackerRank's preparation checklist for a full understanding of the platform and what to expect. 


Prepare the conferencing software:

The interview meeting invite will include a link to the conferencing software. We recommend downing the software to your computer / device well in advance of the interview. Test your device functionality and troubleshoot prior to the interview time.


Accommodations for teleconferencing technologies:

If you are an individual with a disability and require a reasonable accommodation to complete any part of the process, please contact us at (877) 924-8749 or email us at for assistance.




What to wear:

Your interview and work attire can vary depending on your personal preference. Some team members wear business professional, while others wear jeans and t-shirts. Use your discretion for what to wear during the interview. Select attire that is comfortable, makes you confident, and enables you to showcase who you are and why you would like to work for Cloud Software Group.


Noise and echoes:

Close your eyes for a moment and listen to your environment. If you are hear loud background noise, it may be best to find a quieter location for the interview.


Check your environment:

Turn on your camera ahead of the meeting to test the image. For the best lighting, sit facing a window or lamp with the light in front of your face.


At Interview Time


Login at least 5 minutes prior to the interview:

At your interview time, the interviewer will admit you to the session. Extra time in the lobby is ideal to get set up, mentally prepare for your interview, and breathe.


Be flexible:

In case of technical difficulties during the interview, we may call your phone number. Have your phone charged and nearby.

Don’t hesitate to ask your interview scheduler about any questions you may have, even if it’s a day-of text message. (Changes in schedule, complications, etc.)

We will offer you regular breaks, but please let your interview team know if you need an additional break during your schedule.


Common questions related to virtual interviews


1)  I don’t feel well and my interview is tomorrow. What should I do?

If you are not feeling well and your interview is approaching, please let your interview team know as soon as possible so we can reschedule. We want to enable you to perform at your best.


2)  How can I request an accommodation?

If you are an individual with a disability and require a reasonable accommodation to complete any part of the job application or interview process, please contact us at (877) 924-8749 or email us at for assistance.


3)  I'm scheduled for virtual interviews only. May I choose to have an onsite interview and see where I may be working?

It is wonderful that you are eager to get a better sense of the Cloud Software Group work life. Please request an in-person interview from your interview team. They will accommodate the request, as-possible. (Then check out the Onsite Interview Tips page.)


Final Tips

  • Retest your audio, camera, and lighting.
  • Ensure that your device and phone are fully charged and/or have a charger nearby.
  • Switch all devices you're not using to silent.
  • BREATHE.  We believe in you, and we are eager for you to succeed. We will do everything we can to enable you to show your best. We hope you can envision yourself at Cloud Software Group following the interview!